Transforming Organizational Culture with Dr. Kathy Hagler


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Dr. Kathy Hagler is a preeminent thought leader in organizational transformation, driven to understand and improve the communication and connectivity between individuals and organizations. She studied with, and collaborated alongside Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Dr. Peter Drucker and is the Founding Partner of K2OHSOLUTIONS, an organizational consulting firm. Kathy is also the author of a new book entitled, “Art of Scars: Healing Organizational Culture, Climate, Character”.
We talk about what organizations can do to survive and prosper in the future, the ways that fear manifests within organizations, how current leaders can implement strategies to develop new leaders, and what can be done to repair a wounded organization.
Building an organization of character requires its leaders and members to stop acting from the level of the pre-programmed subconscious. They must band together and consciously ask themselves the questions that truly matter: How are we doing? Who are we serving? Why do we exist? What are our core values? Where are we headed? How will we get there?
0:00 Intro
3:32 Dr Hagler’s philosophy on scars
8:05 The footlights of consciousness
9:06 The Japanese fine art of Kintsugi
14:36 The ‘other people in the elevator’ might be hurting
17:33 Can people actually be themselves at work?
20:43 Economic incentives don’t explain all of employee behavior
23:12 Cells snuggle for survival not struggle for survival
26:16 How to evaluate a company’s culture
29:10 Fight, flight, or freeze
32:40 How to courageously calm the fear
36:33 What is connection magic?
40:31 Dr. Hagler’s work with Boise State University
42:16 A company’s core values should be specific
44:54 The difference between a mission and a vision
47:52 Questions organizations should be asking themselves
48:59 Are you referable?
53:17 “One Final Question”
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Kathy Hagler
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