RYB 1008: How My New Product IDEA Failed and Why I'm HAPPY


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In today's little session, we're going to be discussing a new product idea that actually failed. What I mean by failing is it did not get the response I wanted. It helped me.

I think everyone that either was for it or it wasn't for it. I'm talking about a new product idea that I had with my partner, Chris Schaffer, in Brand Creators Academy.

I thought it would be something that we would want to get behind and do. An offer to people who aren't inside a Brand Creators Academy, but I didn't get the response that I wanted.

I decided to X this idea for the public. All right. The cool thing is, there's a lot of good that came from this one. You can hear what goes on behind the scenes.

You can take this same concept, this same way, to test an idea without putting all the time and effort into it and testing it over a weekend.

This does have to do with having your own email list. You have heard me talk about this, time and time and time again.

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