E110: Jaan Uhelszki onstage with KISS + Buena Vista Social Club + Lindsey Buckingham


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In this episode of the Rock's Backpages podcast, Mark Pringle, Martin Colyer and Jasper Murison-Bowie discuss the writing of Creem legend Jaan Uhelszki, who is the featured writer on the week's homepage. Her open letter to Smokey Robinson, interview with Suzi Quatro, appraisal of proto-punk band Death and onstage escapades with KIϟϟ provide the trio with an opportunity to enthuse about her marvellous, stylish prose.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Buena Vista Social Club, they then consider the unusual circumstances that led Ry Cooder and his son Joachim to record with a group of Cuban musicians. Mark and Martin confess their initial scepticism of the project, but admit that it (and various offshoots featuring Rubén González and Manuel Galbán) won them over, while Jasper contemplates its enduring appeal and timeless nature.

The three of them then listen to clips from the week's audio interview, which features Lindsey Buckingham in conversation with Bud Scoppa in 2011, on Rumours, Tusk, and his own solo output, before Mark and Jasper pick out their highlights from their additions to the library. Mark's selections include a reader's letter to Robert Shelton regarding folk vs folk rock in 1966 and Burt Bacharach at the Cow Palace in 1971, plus a review of Paul Butterfield's Better Days that prompts Mark and Martin to wax lyrical about guitarist Amos Garrett. Jasper elects to feature a scathing review of the Killers' Sam's Town, an altogether more positive review of Blood Orange's Negro Swan, and a report on German pyrotechnics-enthusiasts Rammstein.

Pieces discussed: Smokey Robinson, Suzi Quatro, Death, KIϟϟ, Ry Cooder in Havana, Buena Vista Social Club, Ry and son Joachim, Lindsey Buckingham audio, The Who, Folk rock, Sly Stone, Leonard Cohen, Burt Bacharach, Peter Gabriel, The Smiths, Radiohead, Aretha Franklin, Paul Butterfield's Better Days, Jackson Browne, Paul Mathur, Nirvana, Pulp, The Killers, Blood Orange and Rammstein.

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