Why is it SO Hard to Stop Drinking SO MUCH? - We'll Talk About That - Do You Know What VAR Is? - A Pet Segment to Warm or Cool as The Case May Be Your Heart - Summer Songs Bumper Music - Miss Drew - Jeff Borker expands our Taste with Bourbon - Marie Ruffo


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Mark Jennison founder of Iamacomeback.com is in with "why do I drink so much?" China back in the news and so is the space race. Summer songs play the bumpers and we have model pets. All that and more with Jeff Borker and widening your taste with Bourbon and Miss Drew is in and Billy almost gets one and so much more on RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard. This weeks bumper feature, one hit wonders. Get ready you are about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price and this one is still FREE!
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