ROKER RAPPORT BURGECAST: QUE SERA, SERA - Sunderland are in the Quarter Finals of the League Cup!


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“Whatever will be, will be...” Join Gav and Martin as they reacted to Sunderland’s penalty shoot-out win in the League Cup away at Queens Park Rangers - GET IN!

What's the crack?

  • Had a bit of a celebratory-beer-on-mic thing last night that killed that recording so... Gav got this in before work as our Martin down under got on before bed. Bless them...

  • LEE BURGE - Well played lad, well played indeed!

  • A great team performance; How did we measure up against a pretty strong QPR side?

  • Have some lads played their way into the Rotherham game in the League on Saturday?

  • Who do we want next in the cup?

HAWAY THE LADS! #SAFC #EFL #CarabaoCup #LeagueOne #LeagueCup

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