Halloweenie on Spanksgiving with Sleeves (@itsmesleeves)


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Hello there... the porno from my nightmareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
This week we celebrate Halloweenie on Spanksgiving with your friend and ours, Sleeves (@itsmesleeves)! After dealing with the TERRORS of a bad recording client, we've brought back to life this MONSTER of an episode!
An episode so filthy the 'Sherbert Pervert' came and left without even staying for an entire segment!
Join us if you DARE as we discuss perverts at work, the sleeves panel from bug-con, the porno awards, spooky halloween fears, and Sleeves competes in the first and LAST edition of "I'm Thinking of a Porn Star!"
This Halloweenie Extravaganza will leave you speechless...
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