Rilo Sighley - The Execution of All Chids with Chels (@manchelster)


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On this week’s episode we welcome back Chels (@manchelster) to discuss Rilo Kiley's second full length album "The Execution of All Things" released by Saddle Creek records in October of 2002. Sigh starts off the show with big time Eeyore/low energy, if you can get past that everyone had a good time! Sigh doesn't like the second half of this record as much as the first which is a historically bad take, but not unusual for Sigh. We also got to talk about the movie 'The Wizard' featuring Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. Also got to discuss seeing contemporary bands of the early 2000's many times, including Thrice much to the dismay of Chels/to Chid's head from that one time he got kicked in the head at a Thrice concert in Connecticut.
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