The Anime Episode: A discussion with Aaron Crow (@aaronpcrow) on anime and 1991's 'Roujin Z.'


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On this action packed episode we welcome our friend, the writer of 'It Eats What Feeds It' the very talented Aaron Crow (@aaronpcrow)
Aaron joins us to talk about anime with a couple of anime amateurs, more specifically we discuss the 1991's Japanese anime science fiction action thriller Roujin Z (老人Z, Rōjin Zetto, lit. "Old Man Z") which was written by Katsuhiro Otomo and directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo.
We discussed the artwork and the story line of Roujin Z, Aaron suggests some cool anime movies and shows for us n00bs to watch, and we get into some really heavy anime topics including (subs vs. dubs and 'servicing' the viewer.
Everyone's favorite singer who replaces the words to songs with other words that mean the same thing stops by and it's revealed that he also has a key to CHID's house, not weird at all.
And we get a preview of what Aaron has lined up in the coming months with a new book he and his crew are working on!
Please show our guest some support, he is supremely talented and has some really special projects coming in 2022 and beyond.
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Make sure to follow Aaron on twitter to see what he's up to in 2022, we're really excited for him and what him and his crew are about to drop on y'all.

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