The Future Of Education And Training With Reay & Katie Mackay From aXcelerate


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We had a very enlightening conversation with Reay & Katie Mackay from aXcelerate, providers of a cloud-based student management systems, about how the current crisis is redefining education and training. Reay is the Managing Director with a particular passion for education and training, while Katie is the Sales Executive having previously specialised in onboarding and client engagement.
You couldn’t find two better-qualified people to stare into the crystal ball and advise business owners what they need to do now to upskill their workforce remotely so they can survive in the future.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Raey and Katie managed to move 40 people online almost immediately
  • The future of learning and education
  • The rise of non-accredited courses and micro credentialing
  • How to expand a learning management system
  • The infrastructure you need in place to run an RTO
  • The potential of improved analytics post-COVID
  • How Raey and Katie adapted their model during the crisis
  • The integration potential of aXcelerate
  • How AI can help automation of training/education in future

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