Ep. 199: Comedy Legend Larry Charles


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Larry Charles is one of the great comedic writers, producers and directors of our time. His credits include his pivotal role during the first seasons of Seinfeld, along with Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad About You, The Arsenio Hall Show, among many others. He directed the original "Borat," one of the great works of satire of all time. He directed "Religulous," a bold, genius broadside against organized religion. His 2019 Netflix series, "Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy," is an epic journey across the world where comedians live actual dangerous lives. He joins Mike to discuss the state of non-fiction and political satire, the meaning of cancel culture and political correctness, entertainment and propaganda, and how advertisers, censors and an insurance company must sign off on everything we see on TV. They also share some personal stories, including how they created a sitcom pilot together that was greenlit by a major network, but then never made it to air due to advertisers’ objections.

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Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy

The scene from Seinfeld that Larry mentioned:
Jerry and Naked Guy Chat on the Train

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"Like A Rolling Stone" - Bob Dylan

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