Christianity Cross-Examined (Kenneth Samples)


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No longer are questioners satisfied with evidence that Christianity is true. They also want to know if it’s relevant and, most importantly . . . if it’s good. In Christianity Cross-Examined, Kenneth R. Samples boldly steps into the courtroom where Christianity is on trial. Going beyond merely presenting a systematic case for the Christian faith, Samples dives into specific accusations against it, from the conventional (If God created everything, then who created God?) to the controversial (Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery?). Does Christianity stand up under cross-examination? You be the judge. Professor Samples is a philosopher, theologian, and senior research scholar at Reasons to Believe, an organization that researches and communicates how the divinely inspired words of the Bible harmonize with reason and the facts of nature. He holds degrees in philosophy, social science, and an MA in theological studies. He is also the author of many numerous books listed below.

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