My Utah Trip and Other Apologetics Questions | LIVE Q&A Call-In Show


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1:45 My MAVEN trip to Utah 3:43 Did you talk to any Mormons while in Utah? Yes, and here's who. 5:49 What was something that surprised you about the Mormons? 9:56 What was the Mormon temple like? 11:40 Did any Mormons change their mind? 15:01 What is the best way to witness at BYU with grace? 20:25 Upcoming interviews and speaking events 25:50 Will gay people go to heaven? 32:35 Does Ephesians 5.26 suggest that water baptism is required for salvation? 38:10 How do you explain Jude's apparent quote of the book of Enoch in verses 14-15? 42:50 How will the sorcery of Revelation 18.23 be manifested? 46:44 Interested in going on a MAVEN immersive experience? Link below 48:15 What happens to those who never hear the name of Jesus? Is it fair to send them to eternal hell?

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