49: Bryan Flanagan Interview - Grow Get Em!


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From playing on the same college basketball team at LSU as "Pistol" Pete Marovich, to a successful 14-year sales career at IBM, to working alongside Zig Ziglar for 32 years, Bryan Flanagan has some great stories to share. This is definitely one of the more entertaining interviews conducted on the Sales Integrity Podcast. After 3,628,807 miles, 4,670 engagements, and training over 745,144 professionals, Bryan still believes that, armed with the right skills and attitude, anyone can learn to sell. And he imparts such wisdom during this interview as "Comfort kills careers" and "Think in silence, talk in complete sentences" as well as "The intention behind your technique determines your integrity" and much more. If you are the type of sales leader or sales professional who seeks to learn creative new ideas in a fun way to take your sales career to the next level then you will want to "grow get em" by listening to this interview of the great Bryan Flanagan.

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