56: Difference between Canned Messages and Message Templates


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On this episode of the Sales Integrity Podcast we examine the seemingly subtle difference between using Canned Messages versus using Message Templates while prospecting and selling. The differences may seem subtle at first. However, as you will find by listening to this episode the differences are quite vast. Think eating soup out of a can versus ordering steak off of a menu at a nice restaurant. We discuss the differences especially as it relates to using canned messages on LinkedIn. We also walk through other possible uses of Message Templates while leveraging the "4 Cornerstones of Lead Generation Success" - Cold Calling, Social Selling, Strategic Networking and Referral Selling. You will learn some practical use cases for improving your sales prospecting efforts that you can apply immediately in the real world of selling. If you want to elevate your sales prospecting game to establish credibility, generate more leads and earn more money then you will definitely want to listen to this podcast episode!

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