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In this episode, Susan Evans, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and Marcus Evans, a psychoanalyst, discuss their latest book, Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Work ing with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults (Phoenix, 2021) wherein they analyse some of the psychoanalytic ideas regarding gender dysphoria and the political and social climate surrounding transgender identity today. Covering some of the issues relevant to gender dysphoria, Evans and Evans cover the mental health co-morbidities often conterminous to adolescent and childhood gender dysphoria as well as adjacent familial and social issues that inform the exploration of gender identity. Detailing some of the frameworks for delivering therapy—to include its complexities—Evans and Evans note that oftentimes adolescent gender dysphoria is fraught with anxiety related to the subject’s inability to tolerate ambiguity and confusion and they detail how best to work with adolescents and helping them accept who they are.
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