Chuck Bentley on balance & perspective when the world feels unsettling


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The very wise Chuck Bentley joins us to chat about balance & perspective when the world around us feels unsettling. Whether it be a Pandemic, racial tensions, political turmoil, financial uncertainties, even family disagreement can we find solid ground? Chuck offers insight and points to hope. "We need to be patient and listen to each other," Chuck encourages. "We need to be not easily angered just because someone disagrees with us." Chuck Bentley, chief executive officer for Crown Financial Ministries, has a relentless passion to travel the globe teaching biblical financial principles to stewards from all walks of life including the affluent, middle class, poor, and ultra poor. He is a highly sought-after speaker, a film producer and author of five books. His latest, Seven Gray Swans, was published in January 2021. Chuck and his wife Ann have 4 sons & 4 grandchildren and live in Knoxville, Tennessee. Find Chuck at SaySomething: a-come-as-you-are vodcast for walking life's roads (relationships, friendship, parenting, hardship, entertainment,...) together

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