Sarah Jackson from London on a different kind of outbreak, one of joy & neighborly love


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Get ready to smile and be encouraged by this fun & inspiring chat with Sarah Jackson (Church Revitalization Trust) who joins us from London to chat about what happens when people come together to care for others (hint: a different kind of outbreak, one of joy & neighborly love). "What can we do during this pandemic?" she asks. "We can show love; we can show small acts of kindness that don't cost us anything, but actually make people know that they're valued, they're seen, they're not invisible." Which they did at the encouragement of HTB Vicar Nicky Nicky Gumbel, calling their plan: Love Your Neighbor - an effort to help the most isolated and vulnerable across the U.K. during the Covid-19 crisis. They could never have imagined it would become a movement across all of the United Kingdom (and even beyond), bringing churches together with lots of love given and shared. And - as the 2020 Christmas season approached, these now connected churches added “Love Christmas”, a holiday-step-further effort delivering a million “Love Christmas” boxes to people in need across the U.K. Sarah Jackson is a curate at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) church and CEO of the Church Revitalisation Trust in London. She is passionate about the role we have to play in bringing hope and change to society. Find Sarah at

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