#100 – Level Up!


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Our group of adventurers continue their journey in the D&D campaign “The Dungeon of Doom”

Characters of this campaign include: Brack the Deep Gnome Paladin (Eric), Diana the Aasimar Fighter (Lindsay), Brokkr the Dwarf Cleric (Kyle), Murgatroyd the Kenku Warlock (Stephen), and Luke is our fearless DM.

#100 – Level Up!

Highlights include:
1. Brack rides the bull! Brokkr gets charged and knocked unconscious and Diana feeling inspired tries to lasso the bull
2. 75% of our group get knocked unconscious during this fight; Diana gets another sweet hit of health potion.
3. Finally the bull is thrown to the fire and our nightmare is over!
4. Murg works out what to do with a platform the bull was on which leads us to pulling the bull from the fire back to it’s starting place. With the bull in place we finally see a glyph stone!
5. The group gathers ’round Murg who uses the new glyph stone to give us a free long rest! It’s a miracle!

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