#105 – Ozraeline


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Our group of adventurers continue their journey in the D&D campaign “The Dungeon of Doom”

Characters of this campaign include: Brack the Deep Gnome Paladin (Eric), Diana the Aasimar Fighter (Lindsay), Brokkr the Dwarf Cleric (Kyle), Murgatroyd the Kenku Warlock (Stephen), and Luke is our fearless DM.

#105 – Ozraeline

Highlights include:
1. We start in the prison with a warning from Brokkr to not trust the Tiefling, Ozraeline.
2. Brack forgets the name of his own dog while Brokkr expects us to wait while he casts a 10 minute spell to confirm his warning about Ozraeline….He decides to cast an immediate spell instead.
3. After opening the door on the opposite end of the prison we are presented with 2 paths forward. The first room checked feels evil, it’s foul smelling, has piles of bones with large skulls, an alter in the middle, and a small glass chamber with a body inside surrounded by swirling energy.
4. The other path doesn’t appear much better, we can’t see much but Brokkr’s first step into the hallway causes the floor to fall from underneath him exposing lava below. We go back to the first room.
5. Voices call to us and tell us what we must do: gather skulls and spill blood in order to decide the fate of the Maereghasts.

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