#108 – Ew, Why’s Your Bag Wet?


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Our group of adventurers continue their journey in the D&D campaign “The Dungeon of Doom”

Characters of this campaign include: Brack the Deep Gnome Paladin (Eric), Diana the Aasimar Fighter (Lindsay), Brokkr the Dwarf Cleric (Kyle), Murgatroyd the Kenku Warlock (Stephen), and Luke is our fearless DM.

#108 – Ew, Why’s Your Bag Wet?

Highlights include:
1. Back in the alter room we regain our bearings. We also used a long rest to fully recover from our close call in the cave.
2. We then investigate the closed door to figure out the best way to open it and succeed! We discover three grand staircases leading up to more orbs and who knows what else!
3. Murgatroyd tries to climb the stairs but slides back down…no one understands. Brack makes his way up just fine to see a lava pit with a bridge along with more statues and in the distance, a glyph stone.
4. Once Murg manages to make his way up steps he inspects a diamond-shaped mosaic on the floor. Luke, our DM claims they look like ordinary tie but we soon learn that’s not the case…
5. Initiative is rolled! Tiny fire elementals combine into one! Brokkr dispatches it quickly, that can’t be it right?

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