#118 – To The Grub


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A new group of adventurers set forth on a journey in the D&D campaign “Fallen Empires”

Characters of this campaign include: Powell the Goliath Paladin (Eric), Squeeb the Deep Gnome Wizard (Stephen), Token the Mousefolk Rogue (Matt), Tamsyn the Wood Elf Ranger (Andy), and Luke is once again our fearless DM.

#118 – To The Grub

Highlights include:
1. Our group is still in the midst of a flashback to their first mission/training and now find themselves in a new area of the cave where goblins are praying to a sacrificial alter.
2. As the group is hidden in the shadows, they try for a surprise attack…Squeeb goes for the priestess up front and there goes their stealthy advantage.
3. Tamsyn discloses his aversion to fire to Squeeb who so far is only fighting with fire.
4. As they try to figure out what to do next, the group struggles to recall how they got to the cave and who brought them there.
5. Token licks a toad and gains a boon!

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