#121 – Guild Reunion


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A new group of adventurers set forth on a journey in the D&D campaign “Fallen Empires”

Characters of this campaign include: Powell the Goliath Paladin (Eric), Squeeb the Deep Gnome Wizard (Stephen), Token the Mousefolk Rogue (Matt), Tamsyn the Wood Elf Ranger (Andy), and Luke is once again our fearless DM.

#121 – Guild Reunion

Highlights include:
1. Wilbur, whom Powell converted to his God 1 year ago, is now found in town spreading the good word until he comes across a mysterious figure who doesn’t want to hear it.
2. Tamsyn travels to a shop in town and on the way sees a thief run out of another shop. A robot-like creature appears and shoots the thief killing him instantly.
3. Token speaks with a shop keep he knows and makes a purchase that is a perfect fit with his thieves tools.
4. Token & Tamsyn find remnants of a drug that has ravaged the town, this stuff is no joke as Token picks up a used container and loses some hair as a result.
5. The group have reunited and find themselves in an empty room, they know they’ve found themselves in a new test from the guild they’ve just returned to.

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