#136 – I Sense the Legs of His Presence


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A new group of adventurers set forth on a journey in the D&D campaign “Fallen Empires”

Characters of this campaign include: Powell the Goliath Paladin (Eric), Squeeb the Deep Gnome Wizard (Stephen), Token the Mousefolk Rogue (Matt), Tamsyn the Wood Elf Ranger (Andy), Ildahn the Goliath Warlock (Jordan) and Luke is once again our fearless DM.

#136 – I Sense the Legs of His Presence

Highlights include:
1. Smoke/fog surrounds the group; Token, as usual, remains high as a kite.
2. Ildahn attempts surgery on the boy to remove the bug – he’s out of his depths here.
3. A monster unknown to all is attacking while a last ditch effort to kill the bug inside the boy is enacted. Yikes, yikes, yikes…not to spoil things but trigger-warning for the death of a child here folks.
4. Ildahn is dipped into a mysterious portal by the monster and is seemingly transported elsewhere, another dimension perhaps?
5. The monster struggles to pull the rest of its body through the portal until Token breaks a magic orb which cuts off the portal and sends blood shooting everywhere. Look, this is a gross episode ok?

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