Episode #168 - 'Star Wars: Visions': The Elder, Lop & Ochō and Akakiri


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In this episode, Rachael and Kirsty begin with a quick and mostly non-spoilery review of Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ (aka the other big space movie). We both share our initial impressions, and our hopes for the much hoped for sequel. We then cover the following news: - Hayden Christensen reported to return in the ‘Ahsoka’ series - A new poster teases the climax of Phase I of the High Republic We then move on to our final discussion (for now!) on 'Star Wars: Visions', delving into the last three episodes: The Elder, Lop & Ochō and Akakiri. We really enjoyed the show, particularly these episodes, and are really hoping for more Star Wars stories that are similarly inspired. We also bring things back around to a curiously similar project, The Animatrix, touching on points of difference and similarity between the two projects. Many thanks to Christy Carew for the Scavenger's Hoard theme, and Nemling for our artwork.

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