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This week Chuck and Jules join Dan to discuss a variety of topics. We honor the heroes of 9/11 , which was now 20 years ago. We talk about the Movie "Worth", and think about how hard that job must have been. All other topics are listed below.

Movies/ TV Shows Covered:




The Ice Road

Kim’s Convenience

City of Lie’s

The Kid Detective


9/11 20th (Anniversary?) Worth Movie

Blues Clues 25th Year Anniversary Tribute

Simu Liu's Stock Photos (Life before Shang-Chi)

Disney to debut rest of 2021 Films in Theatres only (ScarJo Lawsuit ripple effect)

Disney to debut rest of 2021 films exclusively in theaters | Reuters

Christopher Nolan's Next Movie


Which Director(s) are on your list of --> If they make it, I will see it

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