SAINT MAUD (2019) with KASEY LOMAN and NICOLE DAVIS - "You must be the loneliest girl I've ever seen..."


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Season Twelve kicks off with some holy terror as we discuss the last temptation of SAINT MAUD (2019).

Here to help me dodge the fire and brimstone and possibly provoke the wrath of God are my very special guests KASEY LOMAN, the creative mind behind EVILGOODS DESIGN and the FEMMES OF FRIGHT collection, and NICOLE DAVIS, co-host of MOVIE GO ROUND.

In SAINT MAUD, a rather unstable nurse who has had a recent religious conversion is assigned a new patient and will go to dangerous lengths to save the woman's soul before she dies. Is Maud mad? Or is she truly touched by the Lord?

Expect omens in the sky, portents in your beer, nails through your feet, and an occasional soul-shattering Godgasm.

SAINT MAUD was written & directed by ROSE GLASS and stars MORFFYD CLARK and JENNIFER EHLE.

Check out FEMMES OF FRIGHT: VOLUME 2 designed by KASEY LOMAN at

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