EP 59 | "What's a Chickenhead?"


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This week, Bridget Kelly and Mandii start the episode with a recap from the Rory & Mal Live Show (00:08:02). Then later, Bridget shares about her trip to Attica Prison and talks about the famous Rebellion where the inmates took over the prison (00:11:00) and later shift to a conversation about accountability & hypocrisy (00:16:00)

You can also expect to hear about:

(00:15:00) Thoughts around the Holiday edition verzuz battle with Chaka Khan and Stephanie Mills. (00:27:00) commentary about the recent conflicts with DaniLeigh & Da Baby and public slandering/drama. (00:30:00) Mandii B discusses what the definition is for a “side chick” & actions don’t make your relationship other than “what the fuck it just is”, for example: meeting he parents/friends

(00:35:00) Seeking validation virtually when you don’t “know the people you have in your regular life (00:48:00) Adele’s Rolling Stone interview and how she didn’t really “know” herself in her last relationship and the role the church has in women feeling trapped inside bad relationships The usefulness of both Psychotherapy + Spiritual work

Bridget talks about her daddy Issues & her former choices of replaying/affirming traumas through relationships

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