Selling On Walmart For Amazon Sellers


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On Thursdays, with Sharon, we welcome Barbara Boschen from CoMerchant a company that helps Amazon sellers to get their products onto Wallmart... Barbara Boschen left the corporate world to become an online entrepreneur. After building a successful 7 figure product-based business, she branched out to coaching, account management, and software services. She is the Co-Founder of MerchantMinds which includes two apps: CoMerchant for relisting from Amazon to Walmart and EasyKey to grow Amazon sales through automated keywording. Barbara believes you need to be creative to find the ways you can prosper in the spaces others overlook. This approach has led to innovative approaches to sourcing, selling, and marketing. In the podcast session, she will get us tips on how to get into Walmart, what is needed, how Walmart works and more!

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