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Let's face it, much of our sales career going forward will be lived through the lens of a camera. The way we show up (or don't show up) on screen is now a key driver in our ability to build trust. That's why we're excited to talk with sales expert, Julie Hansen, about her new book, Look Me In the Eye: Using Video to Build Relationships with Customers, Partners, and Teams. She coaches us on how to engage through the camera. You'll learn about the dangers of RBF (not what you think) and how to overcome this challenge. You're going to love this episode!
What could it mean to your sales results, income, and fulfillment if you could get through more new doors, speed up your funnel velocity, and cross-sell more to your customers? The one thing that affects all of these sales results is your ability to build and sustain trust. That's why we're excited to announce the Trust Building INTENSIVE! If you want to make 2022 the best year yet, join us for a journey of success and fulfillment. Learn more at

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