Squirrel Scouts of America #1: A Degree In Went-To-College


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Andrew, Nicholas and Casey discuss the first issue of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015!) What can three dudes learn about friendship, positivity and achieving consistency across distributed database systems from a dame with partially-squirrel blood, unstoppable optimism and a best friend named Tippy Toe?
WHO is the man in the jaguar jeggings, and what does he want with entirely-normal Empire State University student Doreen Green?
IS there a pair of pants so torn that even Hulk won't save them in a box in the attic "in case Hulk need them one day"?
HOW MANY TIMES will Casey say "Here's the thing" before he has to forcibly excise it from his vocabulary like he had to do with calling things "wild"? DARE YOU TAKE THE PLEDGE, DON THE EARS AND JOIN THE SQUIRREL SCOUTS OF AMERICA?
Squirrel Scouts of America is hosted by Nick "Eska Pism" Cohen, Andrew "#1 Nancy Fan-cy" Orsie and Casey "Mugger Just Wanna Mug" Hills, who also edits and produces it. It can be found on semiautomagicinc.com along with the rest of our shows or @Squirrel_Scouts on Twitter!

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