The Final Podblem, S1E29: The Adventure Of The Mazarin Stone, Or: Heavily Bearded Billy


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Special guest Paul Thomas Miller of the Watsonian Weekly podcast joins us to discuss one of the wildest tales we've encountered yet, and also tricks us into agreeing to start another podcast, buying his book and playing a cruel new game that takes advantage of our American weakness toward dipthongs, resulting in double damage and the 'illiterate' status effect. WHO stole the Crown Diamond, and can they be stopped before melting it down in Royal Crown Cola? HOW does the architecture of 221B Baker Street seem not only to accommodate but to anticipate Holmes' every camouflage need? WHERE can one get waxen busts of Jeremy Brett, preferably in bulk, this question purely research and Nick definitely didn't ask me to include it? Answers to some, fake lies to others and spaghetti for everyone await in this week's episode!

The Final Podblem is cohosted by Nicholas ‘Borderline Canadian’ Cohen and Casey ‘Here To Talk About 'Stache Wax’ Hills, who also edits and produces it, and they're joined in this episode by Paul "Sherlofty Aspirations" Miller. Find it and more of our shows on the Semiautomagic Podcast Network at, follow our twitter @TheFinalPodblem, email us at and find our Patreon at, where you can become a patron to support the show, get early episodes and exclusive content!

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