74: Author C Lou Hamilton - "I'm increasingly unsatisfied with anyone who has any degree of privilege who claims to be doing social justice work who has no time for veganism" - Sentientism


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C Lou / Carrie (@clouhamilton1 & veganismsexandpolitics.com & drcarriehamilton.com) is an author, editor & translator. She wrote the book "Veganism, Sex & Politics: Tales of Danger & Pleasure" about her vegan journey & how veganism relates to wider social justice issues including feminist, queer & anti-racist politics as well as environmentalism.

In Sentientist Conversations we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”

Sentientism is "evidence, reason & compassion for all sentient beings." The video of our conversation is here on YouTube.

We discuss:

0:00 Welcome

2:05 Carrie's Intro - academic history to writing & activism

- Acknowledging Canada's indigenous & settlement history

- Growing up near Toronto

- Agnostic, democratic socialist parents, focused on social justice, activism environmentalism & praxis. No feminism, animal ethics or colonial awareness

- "I didn't know any vegetarians when I was growing up"

- Extending moral consideration beyond humans. Considering our responsibilities

- Feminism & women's studies

- The liberation of leaving academia

- Writing "Veganism, Sex & Politics"

- Academic activism, public reach & politics

- "The idea that you would do animal studies while at the same time eating their bodies..."

16:25 What's Real?

- Agnosticism

- Psychedelics, spiritual/mystical experiences

- Having respect for religious people but little patience for religious institutions. Not positive influences. Patriarchy & authoritarianism

- Institutional abuse & cover-ups

- Naturalistic & supernatural experiences of awe & wonder

- How supernatural beliefs can warp ethics

- How religious organisations use societal deference as a shield

- The positive contributions of religious institutions

- Feminism: asking questions & considering practicalities

30:09 What Matters?

- Supernatural & naturalistic ethical frameworks

- The importance of challenging our assumptions & influences (e.g. re: sentient animals & veganism)

- Individualism, collectivism, authoritarianism, dogma

- Forms of feminism

- "It's important to think about... & revise... where our values come from"

- Movements that are ostensibly secular often mindlessly integrate aspects of authoritarianism & dogma from religion

- Criticisms of veganism as puritan & sacrificial. But it's a pleasure!

- The challeges of talking about veganism as a "moral baseline" (Francione, Steiner). Too much dogma?

- Applying a naturalistic humility & scepticism to ethics

- Introspection via Buddhist meditation & writing

- Having the space & resources to slow down & be mindful

+ more! Full notes on YouTube and Sentientism.info.

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