#529: Avoiding the Wrong Ad Rotation in PPC


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There is a lot of talk about the wrong ad rotation in pay per click. The wrong ad rotation is the rotating of ads that are not related to your inventory. The biggest factor of the wrong ad rotation is letting keywords that are too broad or keyword phrases with unrelated wordings determine which ads are shown.

To avoid a bad ad rotation in pay per click, use the right keywords and have your ads automatically change. Keywords are the words that you will actually bid on in pay per click. The words that you want your products to show up under if a customer types in those words. The right keyword combination helps prevent wrong ad rotation by automatically changing ads, which is one of the most annoying things for customers.

Ad rotation is an important aspect of pay per click. If the ads rotate too frequently, people quickly learn that they don't need to click because nothing in the ad is new or different in any way. The trick to avoiding the wrong ad rotation is consistency. It pays to experiment with your PPC account and find which ad rotation works best for your business.

Here is more detail for this episode, which outlines how to avoid the wrong ad rotation in PPC: https://ppc.co/wrong-ad-rotation-setting/

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