Amanpour: Dr Ugur Sahin, Dr Özlem Türeci, Beanie Feldstein and Ron and Clint Howard


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Doctors Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci changed the course of history when their company BioNTech, alongside Pfizer, developed the first clinically approved Covid-19 vaccine. Their work has saved countless lives, and now they're working to save more by turning their focus to booster shots and other deadly diseases like malaria and tuberculosis. They join Christiane to discuss their work, and their fascinating personal stories. Then, actress Beanie Feldstein reflects on the challenges of playing Monica Lewinsky in Impeachment: 'American Crime Story', the latest dramatized version of the story that grabbed global headlines, and led to the impeachment of then-president Bill Clinton. And Walter Isaacson talks to two Hollywood brothers who made their names in some of America's best loved family classics. Both boasting successful individual careers on screen, Ron and Clint Howard celebrate the joys of brotherhood in their new joint memoir "The Boys.”

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