Amanpour: Gerard Ryle, Sheera Frenkel, Jonathan Franzen and Kate Bowler


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With the Pandora Papers unmasking the parallel financial universe used by the rich and powerful, ICTJ’s Gerard Ryle speaks to Bianna Golodryga about leading the global team of journalists behind the data leak. Sheera Frenkel, co-author of "An Ugly Truth," reacts to a former Facebook employee's claims that the company prioritizes making money over users' safety. Then, author Jonathan Franzen discusses his new novel "Crossroads", that grapples with religion and his public persona. And our Michel Martin shares an emotional conversation with Professor Kate Bowler, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer at age 35, about her new book “No Cure for Being Human,” in which she confronts what she calls the absurdity of the self-help industry and encourages us to find comfort instead in our limitations.

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