Amanpour: Keith Ellison, Rana Foroohar, Eric Klinenberg, Dave Eggers


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Be it police violence, racism, voting rights and climate change, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s career puts him at the heart of so many issues we’re grappling with. Now, he is taking big oil to court because 'we can't expect them to grow a conscience.’ He joins Bianna Golodryga to discuss. Then, CNN Global Economist Analyst Rana Foroohar outlines her analysis of the U.S. September jobs report. Sociologist Eric Klinenberg talks about the impact covid has had on American society and how we can regain our humanity. And amid a troubling week for Facebook, raising questions about social responsibility in the age of social media and big tech, best-selling author Dave Eggers speaks with our Walter Isaacson about the release of his new book “The Every”. This sequel to “The Circle” imagines a social media and e-commerce monopoly and touches on the perils of corporate power.

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