131: Covid Predisposition: Is There Such a Thing?


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Is it possible for one to have a predisposition to getting severe symptoms of Covid if exposed to it? People have spoken about this idea. However, apart from merely correlating the co-morbidities that a person has concurrently with Covid, Dr. Goldkamp has not seen much evidence to support that notion.

There are some factors other than metabolic health that can make for difficult outcomes. Some blood types are said to be more susceptible to Covid than others, and there are also factors like reactive hyperglycemia, elevated insulin, and high glucose levels that could also get taken into account.

And then there is Sweden.

Some ideas are not supported

The co-morbidities of people who die from the flu are ranked in much the same order as they are with Covid 19. That is because Covid 19 is also the flu. There are, however, other ideas that are not supported, and nobody does any research on them because no funding has been made available for that.

Blood type and Covid 19

The blood types are A, B, AB, and O, and in addition to that, there are also rhesus factors. It would be interesting to see the results if those factors were all correlated with the people who died from Covid 19.

The least associated blood type with Covid 19

The least likely blood type to get Covid 19 is O Negative, the universal donor blood type.

What you can do if your blood type is A Positive

The most likely blood type to get Covid 19, on a blood type basis, is A Positive, so if you are A Positive, you could pay more attention to the supplements that you take until the pandemic passes over us.

Elevated insulin

Elevated insulin is another idea. It gets caused by consistent and sustained elevated glucose, and it goes along with poor metabolic health.

Blood tests

Dr. Goldkamp suggests that everyone goes to get their fasting blood glucose levels done, together with their insulin and CRP, which is an inflammatory marker.

Reactive hypoglycemia

After a meal, people with reactive hypoglycemia get extremely low blood sugar. They have a difficult time with the virus because they cannot easily generate glucose.


People in Sweden are not wearing masks, and they are doing very moderate social distancing.

Comparing Sweden’s numbers with those of Norway and Denmark

Sweden has a population of about ten million people. Until the 1st of October, Sweden had about 100 000 cases and 6000 deaths. (About 6%)

Norway has a population of a little over five million people. Until the 1st of October, they had about 15 000 cases and 275 deaths. (About 1.8%) In Norway, people have been wearing masks and social distancing, and it is a crime for people who know they are sick to go into a crowd of people.

Denmark also has a population of about five million people. Until the 1st of October, they had about 32 000 cases and only 667 deaths. (About 2%)

Sweden currently

Since October the 6th, Sweden has had only one case of Covid. The assumption is that they have acquired herd immunity, or the virus that is circulating in Sweden has become progressively weaker, which is normal for the course of any flu season.


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