133: Why Corn is Killing You


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We’re taking a whole different direction today. Dr. Goldkamp is going to be doing a series of three podcasts, all to be released separately, around the topic of corn.

Most people doing keto increase their fat intake. Using corn oil to do that is not recommended, and if people do use it, they will sorely regret it in many ways. In this podcast, we discuss the risks of consuming corn oil and explain how it has become a source of one of the unhealthiest edible fats because it is seed oil and also due to contamination from the pesticides used in its production.

Corn is not ketogenic

Corn is not very ketogenic. It is a starchy, seedy food.

Corn is in almost all processed foods

The world has become complicated and sophisticated, and corn is in almost all processed foods.

The problem

Corn has become a massive crop in the United States. It is so cheap now that it gets used for all kinds of things that it never got used for.

Corn oil became popular in the 1960s

In the 1960s, corn oil became very popular, and it was considered the best kind of oil for cooking.

Industrial oils

When you go out to eat, what Dr. Goldkamp refers to as “industrial oils” like canola oil, corn oil, or possibly even soya oil, are used in your food.

Omega 6

Vegetable fats contain Omega 6 (the opposite of Omega 3), which is pro-inflammatory. That could cause cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and possibly even some metabolic dysregulation. Vegetable fat is in all sorts of processed foods, including bread, cereal, and chocolate. And people are encouraged to cook with it and put it on their salads and food.

Removing corn from your diet

By removing corn from your diet, you will experience fewer inflammatory issues.

The corn industry

Corn for livestock was one of the first industries ever developed outside of just growing food for people. Corn is a grain. It gets used to feed cattle, and historically, cows have never eaten any grains before because it is unnatural for them. Cows need to eat grass, specifically, grass that has not yet seeded.

Why corn is killing potentially you

Corn drives up your inflammation. And when it gets fed to cows, and you eat them, you will get some of what they have.


Cows are eating what they should not be eating. And when animals eat something they should not eat, like corn, it makes them sick, and then they require a lot of antibiotics and other medications to keep their inflammation down. Most of the antibiotics used in this country get given to animals, not humans.

A study

A study of fatty acids in the blood found a good fatty acid that came from dairy, two types of protective Omega 3s, and also several Omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids commonly found in corn, soya bean, and other vegetable oils and processed foods.

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