How to travel with SIBO with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 70


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Feeling daunted by travelling with SIBO? Unsure of how you’ll manage to follow your SIBO protocol while away? Rebecca is a very keen traveller and has travelled all over the world whilst treating her own SIBO. This week she shares her top tips and hints for travelling successfully with SIBO.

✓ Why preparation is key to a successful journey

✓ Snacks and small meals that are easy to eat while travelling

✓ Why hydration is so important when flying

✓ How to avoid inflight germs

✓ Setting up for success on arrival at your destination

✓ Why you should build regular movement and exercise into your vacation

✓ Recovering from time zone alterations

✓ Dealing with the change in temperature, food and routine

✓ Managing a flare while travelling

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