Lessons learned from having chronic SIBO with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 81


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Rebecca Coomes was diagnosed with SIBO in early 2015. On today's podcast she reflects on the insights she has gained from having a chronic condition and the lessons she has learned about herself, her health, her body and SIBO. On the episode she discusses:

  • Why SIBO can be a wake up call we need to listen to
  • 100% resolution might not be possible but 75% or 80% improvement can be and that is ok
  • If we have been sick a long time, we can’t expect complete resolution within days
  • Why we should focus on how we are feeling rather than what test results say
  • Testing is helpful for diagnosis and understanding what it going on but we need to treat the whole body and the person, not just the test results
  • Why tracking how we're feeling is so helpful in recognising how we're changing
  • Diet is helpful in controlling symptoms but isn't the only element in treating SIBO
  • Why working with a skilled dietician or nutritionist is such a good investment in developing a nutritional protocol that's right for us
  • The importance of recognising disordered eating early and investing in a skilled psychologist who can help us navigate through the challenges of SIBO
  • Why there are 4 stages to treating SIBO, yet so many people only do the first 2
  • The importance of building a dream team of Practitioners around you
  • Not letting your location stop you from getting great care
  • Understanding that we know our bodies the best. Trust your symptoms and instincts
  • Changing your internal dialogue and limiting self beliefs
  • Writing down your goals and working towards them
  • Prioritising your spending so you spend money on health and fulfilment rather than distractions
  • Looking to see what positives and lessons you can take from this experience

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