Life beyond SIBO with Chris Gebhardt | Ep. 65


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Chris Gebhardt is one of Rebecca’s own naturopaths, he joins her this week to discuss the important topic of life after SIBO. During SIBO treatment many people refer to things, going back to normal, once their treatment is completed. Chris and Rebecca discuss what a new normal looks like and how to create robust gut health after SIBO has been cleared. They also look at why clearing SIBO before addressing other gut health issues is key.

In Episode 65 of The Healthy Gut Podcast, we discuss:

  • Why clearing SIBO before addressing other gut health issues is key
  • Relapse rates in SIBO and why they are on average ⅔
  • What the symptoms of hypochlorhydria are and how it can be diagnosed
  • Why proton pump inhibitors should only be used short term and the link to SIBO
  • Identifying adhesions and what treatments are available
  • Why following a Low FODMAP diet for a long period of time is bad for your gut ecology
  • The differences between the Bi-Phasic Diet and The Fast Tract Diet
  • Food reintroduction, and why it should be done very slowly
  • Why it’s important to have a diverse diet once you complete SIBO treatment, with plenty of plant based foods
  • The importance of building a robust microbiome when treating SIBO
  • Why being your own gut health detective is important when identifying the reason you have SIBO

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