Recovering from SIBO with Sharon Treadgold | Ep. 73


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This week Rebecca is delighted to be joined by Sharon Treadgold from the SIBO Coaching Program. Sharon has been on her own SIBO journey for some time, but her most recent breath test has revealed that she is now SIBO free! Sharon and Rebecca discuss the fantastic dream team that have kept her going during her SIBO treatment, how she’s managed the psychological aspect of having a chronic illness and why SIBO has not stopped her living a full life.

✓ How Sharon came to peace accepting that she may never get a negative SIBO breath test

✓ Who Sharon had on her dream team and why

✓ How Sharon’s dream team has enabled her to remain positive throughout her long journey with SIBO

✓ How Sharon psychologically handled receiving higher SIBO breath test results despite feeling much better

✓ Sharon’s own treatment protocol

✓ How Sharon’s symptoms changed over time

✓ What resources have been particularly useful for Sharon

✓ How long Sharon’s journey has been, and the ups and downs that she’s dealt with on the way

✓ How Sharon managed her recent trip to Australia, whilst treating her SIBO

✓ Why Sharon joined the SIBO Coaching Program and how it’s become part of her SIBO family, given her connection with other SIBOers and been part of her health care team

✓ Sharon’s top tips on how to survive SIBO for the long haul

✓ What’s next for Sharon

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