Understanding SIBO with Dr Mark Pimentel | Ep.59


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Dr Mark Pimentel is a pioneer in the research of SIBO. Today he joins Rebecca to talk all-things SIBO. Listeners of The Healthy Gut Podcast submitted their questions for Dr Pimentel, which Rebecca gets him to answer. They cover the following:

  • Different treatment options available for SIBO including different options for methane dominant SIBO
  • Methane overgrowth vs bloom
  • Whether methane always equals constipation and what it means if you’re hydrogen-dominant and have SIBO
  • Whether it’s safe to do multiple rounds of SIBO treatments
  • How to uncover the underlying cause(s) of your SIBO (The Healthy Gut Podcast members get exclusive access to our handy SIBO causes and risk factors guide)
  • What to do if your practitioner doesn’t believe SIBO exists
  • What the future looks like for post-infectious IBS patients
  • The future of hydrogen sulphide SIBO: treatment and testing
  • What we should do if we get a negative SIBO breath test but still experience symptoms
  • Whether we should be considering the broader gut microbiome when treating SIBO
  • Whether we should be using additional supplements and/or treatment aids, such as FMT, prebiotics, probiotics, prokinetics, laxatives, digestive enzymes, HCL, bitters, etc
  • What diet we should be following and whether we should starve or feed our bacteria during treatment
  • What the future looks like for SIBO patients and SIBO treatments

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