Mike Barron - From Section-8 Housing To Multi-Millionaire CEO By Mastering #1 Key To Sales Success!


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Enjoy this INSPIRING interview with the CEO of award winning, multi-million dollar Limelight Media, Mike Barron, who has done the marketing for some of the biggest names in sports and business including UFC Champs, NFL All Pros, and Fortune 500 companies! Today, Mike's main focus is helping trainers, gym owners and fitness professionals generate leads and close five-figure high ticket sales as well as adding value and offering exceptional coaching! Before building Limelight Media and achieving his multi-million dollar success, Mike found himself hanging out with the wrong crowd and living a gangster life. He was born to a 16 year old mother in section 8 housing and his father was a drug dealer. His father was not present in his life when he was growing up, so he found himself trapped in the "street life" trying to fit in and be a cool kid. One of the many inspiring aspects that sticks Mike apart from others is that although he was born in an unideal environment and circumstance, he was able to change his life! Although you cannot choose the cards you are dealt, you can choose the path you take! For anyone feeling like they don't fit in or feel lost in life, I hope that Mike Barron's incredible story inspires you to keep on going and trying to find and reach new goals.

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