EP . 13 CWMM - Ma and Her Brief Encounter with the Friendship Centre Murderer + Ma Finds Herself at Robert Kennedy’s Funeral


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In our final episode of season one Ma tells us about the time she encountered the friendship centre murderer! Then we hear the first story she ever told, where recording all this began. She tells me how she ended up at Robert Kennedys funeral!
I recorded this way before the COVID-19 Pandemic started, but decided maybe everyone could use a healthy distraction and a couple of Ma's stories right about now. I know I sure miss her but she is keeping safe at home in Kahnawake.
From the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank Birch Bark Coffee Co. for fuelling this ride. Kristi Lane Sinclair for the theme music, Patrick Hunter for our logo, niawen to My ma for her stories, Rick Penn for co producing, Ontario Arts Council for making the first season possible, Cheekbone Beauty for making us look pretty, and of course all of you beautiful fantastic people for taking the time to stop by and have some coffee with me and my ma!!
Until next season, onen ki wahi sewakwekon!!!!
wash your hands and stay the fuck home!! Do it for our elders like Ma!

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