What Keeps a Future Correspondent Up at Night (ft. Bryan Walsh, Axios)


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Bryan Walsh is Axios’ Future Correspondent, covering emerging technology and trends shaping geopolitics, work, warfare and more. He’s been the writer of the Axios Future newsletter, editor of the Axios What’s Next newsletter, and author of the 2019 book End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World. In his new What’s Next newsletter from Axios, he’s overseeing coverage of the future of cities, autonomous vehicles, and the working world.
Today we discuss a few stories he’s been focusing on lately that might have been off your radar, including AI in medicine, the growth of automation technology, text-generation models and disinformation, and why we’re currently living with an unsustainable amount of risk in society. We talk about all that, and what it means to be a future correspondent.
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