Season 6 | Episode 92: Persisting in Curiosity with Shannon Evans


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What is our first inclination when we hear or see something that stretches the way we see things? Do we reach for fear? Do we shut down? Or do we remain curious, asking ourselves questions about our thinking? In this episode Alissa Molina and Lindsy Wallace interview former co-host Shannon Evans about her recent book release, Rewilding Motherhood:Your Path to an Empowered Feminine Spirituality. In this episode we:

  • Talk with Shannon about her approach in writing this book
  • Discuss the ways the book stretched Alissa and pushed her to practice a curiosity
  • Explore how curiosity often leads to greater depth and learning
  • Encourage a spirit of wonder, curiosity and depth when considering motherhood
  • Remembered that kids are often great models of curiosity

“I wonder what would happen if we digested these questions as a form of instruction for our own spiritual lives? What if we took our theological views or our political and social views and held them up under the microscope of our children’s inquisitiveness? What might change, evolve or broaden if we began pelting previously unquestioned beliefs with questions for the first time?" (Rewilding Motherhood)

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