Season 6 | Episode 93: Persistence in Disability with Dr. Amy Kenny


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What’s missing when we fail to see the fullness of humanity in the disabled community? In this episode, co-hosts Lindsy Wallace and Kayla Craig talk with Dr. Amy Kenny about persisting in disability, healing versus fixing, and much more.
In this episode, we:

  • Reframe the concept of disability away from a hierarchy and instead look to how we think of the natural world
  • Talk about how being an image bearer is not stripped away when our bodies work in a different way
  • Go over what ableism is, how we engage in it without even realizing it, and how the prosperity gospel feeds into it
  • Discuss the disabled Christ, the erasure of disability in scripture, and how we miss out on the richness of scripture when we leave out marginalized communities
  • Talk about how we need to go beyond giving a seat at the table and pursue belonging, leading, and flourishing for the disabled community
  • Get a preview of her upcoming book, My Body Is Not a Prayer Request: Disability Justice in the Church, which deals with the difference between healing and curing as well as rethinking the way we understand disability in the Bible
Join us for this stirring conversation about how we typically view disability and what we might experience instead when we trade in that story for a truer, fuller one.

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