RANT: Is Free Speech Dead?


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This week YouTube has banned Sky News Australia from creating new content, they say this is due to misinformation being spread about Covid. Is this limiting free speech? It brings up all sorts of moral dilemmas and questions and this is what Rob wants to RANT about in this episode!


  • The question is often what gives platforms the authority to decide who is allowed to say what and when? But similarly, what gives individuals the right to say whatever they like wherever they like, even if it offends, and in some cases incites violence?
  • If we get to the point where there is truly no free speech anymore then we run into a massive problem, where does it end, will people be allowed to think anymore?
  • How can we protect our ability to have free speech. Could there be a governing body or regulations media companies have to follow?


“We should all have freedom of speech, what’s gonna happen to the world when its dictated to you what you can and can’t say”

“When they decide you don’t fit their narrative then they will de-platform you”

“Facebook own between you and I”




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“If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”


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