RANT: Pingdemic Our Country is Being Ruined


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This ‘pingdemic’ is ruining our country. Rob can’t just sit still and stay quiet, he needs a rant and to tell you WHY the current Covid strategy is killing businesses.


  • No one knows what they are doing, people are confused and scared. It is not working. Half of Rob’s staff are getting pinged but none of them are testing positive. How can a company get back to normal if half their staff are off.
  • Rob understands the impact of Covid and if people have it of course they need to isolate. But he feels like there is no clear strategy going forward and the current state of things is confusing and is crippling businesses all over the country.
  • Rob isn’t sure what we can do to change things but perhaps if enough business owners speak up then the government will start to support both employers and employees.


“People are confused and scared”

“You’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t”

“Freedom day was a con”




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